Thera Pearl Hot/Cold Knee Wrap

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The large opening sits over your kneecap to preserve a wide range of motion, while the flexible Velcro strap keeps the wrap comfortably in place. 
For sprains/swelling, post-exercise soreness and arthritis.

TheraPearl hot and cold therapy
Conforms to your body extremely comfortable and soft on skin
Mess-free and reusable
Non-toxic free of BPA, lead, latex and phthalates
Microwaveable and freezable

Use hot
Pearls conform and deliver soothing heat therapy to the desired body part. Use for muscle pain,
spasms, joint stiffness, soreness, continuous aches, pre-workout activity.
Use cold
Pearls create the frozen peas effect and offer ice therapy without sacrificing flexibility.
Use for sprains, bruising, inflammation, muscle strains, pulls, post-workout activity.